Food and Beverage

An ever-alive industry that has seen some significant changes in the way that the people dine! With more rise in the Quick Services Restaurants and Fine Dining Restaurants the foodies are hungrier than ever and Halbe is here for it.

Table Turnaround Rate:

This measures how quickly tables are cleared and reseated, impacting overall capacity, revenue and the customer experience. Measuring, Benchmarking and tracking this can help restaurants understand the issues in their process and what they can do better.

Franchise Structuring:

The most common way brands scale is through a Franchise Model. There are multiple ways in which this can be structured. Franchisee Invested Franchisee Operated, Franchisee Owned Franchisee Operated, Company Owned and Company Operated. It is important to understand the need of a brand and marry it with the correct franchise structure so that expansion is not hindered.


The industry is a cash generating industry and most investors enter the space as they would like to have some cash flow that is coming in periodically. Understanding investment outflows and periodic cash flows enables investors to gauge profitability and anticipate returns, fostering clarity and confidence in their ventures.

Data-Led Decision Making:

Most restaurants make decisions based on their experience and intuition, however, metric driven decision is now on the rise, with owners using reports from their ERP/POS systems. Benchmarking, budgeting and tracking are making restaurants more efficient and optimal.

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